Jatoba Restaurant

Montréal, Québec


All restaurant-goers eat with their eyes first, and the custom chandelier in Jatoba’s main dining room is pure eye candy and an apt promissory note. Based on the Beaubien Collection, the three-meter by three-meter bespoke light is like a three-dimensional cloud. Frosted bulbs sit on three planes at the ends of articulated, black, powder-coated tubing connected by brass fittings. Pompidouesque perhaps, Jatoba’s chandelier is also vaguely reminiscent of the galvanized tubing of commercial sprinkler systems that often adorn the ceilings of the repurposed, down-and-out loft spaces in the coolest up-and-coming districts.

L: 3.05 m  W: 3.05 m H: 0.86 m