When handling your light fixture, please use enclosed cotton gloves to avoid blemishes

If your lamp contains brass components, its look will evolve over time. We work with unfinished brass because we believe brass looks best when it is allowed to build a patina with age. If you want to restore the lamp’s original polished finish, please follow these instructions for metal polish (e.g. Collinite No.850 Metal Wax):

1. Shake product well before application.
2. Using a microfiber cloth, apply a thin amount of metal polish to small sections at a time.
3. Rub well locally to loosen the tarnish.
4. Reapply as necessary until surface is free of contaminants.
5. Before product dries, polish with a dry, clean, and soft micro ber cloth towel.

WARNING The above instructions apply to brass components only.

Painted Surface or Graphite Finish
If your light fixture contains painted surfaces or a graphite finish, it can be cleaned using any all purpose household cleaner. Do not use solvents containing strong chemicals.

All finishes
Do not use any cleaning products containing acetone.