Bruises Gallery et Lambert & Fils
présentent Bar Lanterne

Sept. 21th – Oct. 13, 2023
Mon-Fri, 10am – 5pm

Lambert & Fils Gallery
6250 Hutchison Street

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An installation-bar to celebrate the launch of the ISLE collection, the latest creation from the Montreal-based lighting studio.

Lambert & Fils invited Bruises to ‘hack’ their Montreal gallery space with Bruises providing scenography and a selection of pieces and objects from their catalogue. Lambert & Fils’ approach to materiality combined with Bruises’ eclectic vision creates a new kind of ambience; built predominantly from unique custom extrusions taken from lighting studio’s proper material library, the scenography is punctuated by objects, sculptures and furniture from Bruises Gallery permanent collection.

ISLE Collection

In continuation of their legacy of collaborations, Lambert & Fils has joined forces with Zoë Mowat for the creation of ISLE, a new collection launching during New York Design Week 2023. An ode to quiet strength, ISLE is a play both on illusion and perception allowing lightness to anchor and foundations to rise. Composed of a delicate glass tube resting on solid-stone and aluminum pedestals and suspended in mid-air like a surreal bridge, ISLE is minimal, but not simplistic.

Discover the collection

Bruises Gallery

Established in 2020 by long-time collaborators Florence Provencher-Proulx and Isaac Larose-Farmer, Bruises Gallery celebrates various forms of decorative art, functional sculpture, and extraordinary furniture. It exists digitally on Instagram and transiently within the walls of abandoned buildings in Montreal for its exhibitions.

Combining artisanal design, Quebecois contemporary art, and found objects, Bruises explores the timeless nature of its works against a backdrop of romanticism.

Bruises Gallery recently showed in London at Frieze No. 9 Cork Street, bringing together works of Quebecois artists Trevor Bourke, Bernard Trahan, and Sylvie Cauchon.

Photo : Samuel Pasquier

The collaborators

Verre d’Onge

Verre d’Onge pieces are hand blown in Montréal by Jérémie St-Onge. His practice, whilst respecting the traditions learned from masters, allows for a more instinctive creative approach. When the craftworker is also an artist, there is space for spontaneity and nuances. Every piece has an unforeseen aspect that distinguishes singular from ordinary. This is not a production, but rather a large collection. The design is in the arrangement, the ensemble defines it.

Lieux Communs

Inspired by a popular model on the American West Coast, Lieux Communs is the first “urban winery” in Quebec. With three years of exploration and experimentation conducted in residence at established Quebec vineyards, the four partners joined the Centrale Agricole in 2021 to produce wines, ciders, and other fruit-based beverages. Since their initial experiments in 2018, the quartet has offered a unique and original perspective on the local grape varieties and terroirs, revealing their sometimes unexpected potential.


WILLS, founded by cousins Alexander and Ethan Wills, began production in July 2023 in the Mile-Ex neighbourhood of Montreal. Regardless of style, WILLS beers aspire to be balanced, precise, approachable and satisfying.