Bespoke Projects

Bespoke Projects

Bespoke creations
are at the heart of what we do

Lambert & Fils offers partners the ability to harness the capabilities of our team. From designers and fabricators to technologists and technicians, we help turn your projects into reality.

Our Atelier sees hundreds of custom lighting fixtures designed and made by hand each month—from conception to installation in record time.

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Collaborating with architects and designers around the world

From the smallest adaptation to large scale installation, our bespoke team is able to coordinate and communicate with different actors of a design project. We understand the needs of the market and the technology needed to make things happen.

Regardless of the scale of your project, our custom department offers three ways to collaborate:



Benefitting from the extensive research and development that goes into our existing catalog, we make adjustments specific to your space. We make all the necessary adaptations, large or small, to fit your project.



Collaborative Design

With access to our specialized team and extensive technical knowledge, we walk you through the whole process and manufacture everything for you. Bringing your designs to us ensures your proposals come to life, all with a tight project and timeline management approach.


Bespoke Creations

From conception to production, we create completely bespoke designs based on your needs and specifications. This process can be as collaborative or as hands off as you would like.

Our bespoke team provides a full service and support throughout your project.

We begin by collaborating on the specifics and timeline of your project.

At this phase we provide a quote. This can also include technical drawings and cost of fixtures.

This step can be as collaborative or as hands-off as you would like and involves the design and technical drawings of your project.

Once your design is finalized, we get to work bringing your project to life.

We can offer supervision for installation or provide you with detailed installation instructions.


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Bivouac Restaurant, Hilton Hotel. Collaborative design with Zebulon Perron (Jean-Sebastien Senecal)
Boulon Restaurant, Tampa Bay. Collaborative design with Zebulon Perron (Patrick Chin)
Hav Mar Restaurant, New York. Collaborative design with Zebulon Perron (Alex Lesage)
Marcus Restaurant, Four Season Hotel. Collaborative design with Zebulon Perron (Olivier Blouin)
Penn One, New York. Bespoke creation for A + I  (Arseni Khamzin)
Tiramisu restaurant, Montreal. Bespoke design for Ménard Dworkind (David Dworkind)
Vogue Hotel, Montreal. Adaptation for Sidlee Architecture (Alex Lesage)
Lambert & Fils workshop photographed by Arseni Khamzin