the Atelier Line

the Atelier Line


Atelier is a line of sculptural, showpiece models, imagined by the Lambert & Fils design studio without material limitation or constraint.

Using the brand’s established collections as a departure place, the models are special variations of our popular designs scaled for larger spaces. The Atelier Line also offers the option for a dedicated team to accompany you in your projects.

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Beaubien Atelier

Waterfalls and weeping willows come to mind with this rose-hued, breath-taking version of the Beaubien Atelier 01 model. On the other hand, the following models took another twist presenting the original Beaubien shades and structural elements yet adding curves to its body for an ornemental approach.

Silo Atelier series

Evoking the archetype of a traditional chandelier, the Silo Atelier forges its way as a new type of 3-dimensional object. Silo offers three Atelier models composed of a mix of existing and custom extrusions expanding both vertically and horizontally, juxtaposing its theatrical, monumental form and mechanical material.

Laurent Atelier 01

The Laurent Atelier is poetic simplicity at its best. Inspired by the House of Cards game created by Charles and Ray Eames. A playful model, reminiscent of a children’s mobile, with added depth and movement.

Dorval Atelier 01

A solid brass version of the impressively technical original model, Dorval Atelier looks as though it was dipped in liquid gold. This model aims to be an ode to our most-used material, juxtaposed here on one of our most contemporary models. Designed in collaboration with Cluzel/Pluchon.

Sainte Atelier Series

The Sainte reimagines the archetypal rectangle in an array of rich, colourful glass panels — an elegant mass floating in space and supported by robust nylon ribbon. The scrumptious colours for this series harken a sense of majesty: the lighting itself creates a spectacle. Designed in collaboration with Rachel Bussin.

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Mile Atelier 01

With its aluminum body, the Mile Atelier offers a mirror-like finish, reflecting the surrounding space while providing a unifying focal point. It seems to melt into the scenery and frame it at the same time. Designed in collaboration with Guillaume Sassville.