Caffè Populaire
Milan Design Week 2024

Un jardin d’aperitivo présenté par
DWA Design Studio et Lambert & Fils


Caffè Populaire
Milan Design Week 2024

Un jardin d’aperitivo présenté par
DWA Design Studio et Lambert & Fils

Via Giulio e Corrado Venini, 85
April 15, 17 and 18, 3-8pm
April 16/ 7-10pm

Amidst the bustling Milan Design Week, DWA Design Studio unveils its serene sanctuary within the walls of a former chocolate factory. For the third collaboration with Lambert & Fils, the Milan-based studio transforms its verdant garden and studio into a quiet oasis, inviting you to eat and drink with friends old and new while escaping the frenzy of the fair for a more intimate atmosphere.

Caffè Populaire features UNICO by DWA Design Studio for Pedrali, the European launch of ISLE by Lambert & Fils in collaboration with Zoë Mowat, alongside carefully curated works from friends including; Sophie Lou Jacobsen and daily aperitivo by Los Angeles based food-art studio, Ananas Ananas.

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Having partnered with Pedrali, Frederik De Wachter and Alberto Artesani (DWA Design Studio) identified a shared commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation within the brand. After observing the material processing obtained during the molding of Pedrali chairs, De Wachter and Artesani perceived the potential of the waste material.

About ISLE

In continuation of their legacy of collaborations, Lambert & Fils joined forces with Zoë Mowat for the creation of ISLE. An ode to quiet strength, ISLE is a play both on illusion and perception allowing lightness to anchor and foundations to rise. Caffè Populaire marks the European launch of ISLE. 

About Sophie Lou Jacobsen

Drinks and wine will be served in Glassware from Sophie Lou Jacobsen, a French-American designer currently based in New York City. Inspired by the rhythmic romance of wildflowers, ‘Bouquet’ is a collection of botanical stemware that takes the shape of five ritualistic forms.

About Ananas Ananas

For the daily aperitivo Los Angeles based food-art studio Ananas Ananas will create an interactive culinary experience that encourages audiences to interact with food in a multi-sensory and experimental way. Incorporated in the installation is Dos Puntos, their new collection of metalware.

Caffè Populaire is possible thanks to the generous contribution of:

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Alessandro Costariol

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